Reuse, re-purpose, recycle…
The client requested a cabinet to house rack mounted media equipment. If you are not familiar with this, rack mounted equipment is often seen in high end audio and computer equipment. The electronic equipment is mounted by its front panel to racks that have a specific spacing and mounting hole configuration that is standardized. In use, only the front panels of the equipment are visible, everything else is enclosed in the rack. If you have seen bays of computer servers, this is the type of mounting I am referring to. A very high tech and modern look!


The client then specified that the cabinet was to be made from reclaimed and/or re-purposed wood. This is also a look that is very much in fashion at the moment, and a very responsible use of materials. The challenge for the furniture maker is to execute a design and build that is quality construction and has the right look… rustic or reclaimed, but not looking like it was just pulled from the landfill. Construction challenges are significant because the maker is only working with one milled surface at best, yet still has to have tight and sound joinery and a solid construction.


Woods used included oak, curly maple, walnut, hickory, pine, poplar, and cherry, along with a few others… Sources for the wood were quite varied but included among others a floor from a shed that had been built a century ago and recently torn down. I had salvaged the aged pine floor boards and they found new life in this cabinet.


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