Another Lane Cedar chest, this one dating from 1941, is ready to leave the workshop looking a bit better than when it arrived.  I’ve restored quite a few of these chests now and this one, serial number 146020 – style 481910, is covered in mahogany and walnut veneers and very similar to another recently restored Lane chest.  To see the before and after pictures, read on….  Before restoration before - missing veneerafter -1 after - 2 after - 3

This restoration involved replacement of some of the walnut veneer on the bottom front rail of the chest, as well as complete restoration of the exterior finish  The case also needed to be glued in a few locations and for this I use animal hide glue.  And, as I have mentioned in other posts, the lock must be removed and replaced, or disabled for safety reasons.  In performing a “gentle restoration” like I did on this chest, the intention is not to make the piece look brand new, but to restore the damaged areas in a way that maintains the look and character of the piece and reflects well on its life and history.

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