I enjoy working with a variety of woods both domestic and exotic timbers and it is always a joy to see the natural beauty of the wood come alive as we prepare and finish the surfaces.  There are many woods that are known for beauty they exhibit when finished including the curly maple that I showed in a recent posting of a students work (“When Students Become Friends”).  Many of the more exotic species which we pay dearly for also have a spectacular appearance and can sometimes overwhelm the design of the work itself.

Cherry_Desk-3140Beautiful materials don’t have to cost a fortune and  they can be readily found right here in New Hampshire.  The cherry used in this recently completed desk is a perfect example.  It has a warmth and glow to it that is just beautiful and even though I didn’t pay premium to source “curly cherry”, careful selection of the materials at the supplier yielded some wonderful material to work with.  Upon completion of the desk, I finished the piece with a number of coats of Waterlox oil/varnish blend.  After allowing the finish to cure it was rubbed out with abrasives and pumice.  No stains, no dyes, no chemicals in this case, just the natural beauty of some American cherry.Cherry_Desk-3145

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