This solid cherry bookcase is set for delivery to its new home tomorrow.  IMG_1581

Designed as a companion piece to a desk recently completed for the same client (Cherry Desk) it is just about 6 feet tall, 32″ in width and a foot deep.


The book-case features columns that flare at both the top and bottom and a full round over on the outer profile.  Along with the gentle arcs on the upper and lower rails (also featured on the desk) these curves soften the harsh lines so often seen in bookcases and give the bookcase an elegant and contemporary look.

The shelves are substantial in thickness to accommodate the clients legal volumes without sagging over the 32″ width of the case.  Four of the shelves are adjustable with a fifth fixed shelf.  The back of the case is solid cherry joined with a ship lap joint to deal with seasonal movement, and each piece has a small chamfer providing a subtle detail.

The bookcase has been finished with an oil/varnish blend and wax, hand rubbed in to a soft luster.

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