Pipe boxes were a standard furnishing in many 17th and 18th century homes and taverns.  They were used to store the pipes and tobacco that was commonly smoked in the period.

Finished Box

The pipes were different than we might think of today, as they were clay and had stems that were initially upwards of 10″ long.  These would be contained in the upper open portion of the box, and tobacco stored in the lower drawer.  Today these serve as a great place to store candles or perhaps fireplace matches.

This piece is fashioned from mahogany with a shellac finish.  The drawer is hand dovetailed and the knob is solid brass.  Some construction pictures and a few more views of the completed pipe box can be seen in this gallery.

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  1. I have none in stock at the moment but do take orders for the pipe boxes. They can be made in mahogany, walnut or curly maple.


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